How to Book a Tutor & Start Learning through Live Class

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To book a tutor for getting live help in your course/subject, First login to your student account.

Tutor booking video:

Booking and accessing live class second video:


Click “Search Tutor” on header menu, You can search your desired tutor based on two search filter: Course and Location.

While you get your best matched tutor, either click “view profile” or “Book Now”. You can view tutor details by clicking “View Profile”.

If you want to get instant solution of your problem, Check whether your tutor is “online now” below tutor avatar.

The following image shows, tutor is currently online. So you can book or send message to get instant response.

After seeing all details about your tutor, scroll down until you reach “Reserve Your Spot”.


At this moment, you will see a form asking details of different issues and you are required to fill in all so that your tutor get right message about your booking. Finally click “Request This Tutor”.


Now that, your booking message is sent to your tutor. Once s/he approves your booking request, you will see this in your dashboard > Bookings > Approved section.

Once admin initiate live class session, you will see the notification in “dashboard > Bookings > Session Initiated or Running” section.


Take appropriate action by clicking the pencil icon. Click the pencil icon and update status to “Star Course”. Sometimes you may not see this, at this case, you need to click Dashboard > Running and join live class by clicking small blue “Bell” icon.


Select “start course” and click “Update changes”.

update status

Your tutor will first initiate live class session and you need to wait until that time. Once your tutor initiate live class meeting, you will then click the small “Bell” icon to join live class and start learning online live.


you may sometime see the following error message. This means, your tutor have not started the course yet, you need to wait until your starts the course. You may contact your tutor if you need.

If your tutor starts the live session, you will see the following “Join Now” link to attend the live class.


If you are first time in live class, you need to install adobe flash in your domain. After you click “Join now” you will see the following:

Then click “Allow”. It may take 1-3 minutes to download adobe flash based on your internet speed.


Now, when both you and your tutor are in live class, you both can interact each other to get maximum from your tutor. Ask every small details to your tutor to have very solid concept about your study materials. Your tutor is bound to help you in this regard.

Once you and your tutor successfully completed live learning class, the next thing is, you tutor will update status as “Complete”, then you will see this notification in your “dashboard > Bookings > Completed” section.

Now the most important part for you is to update your status as “Closed” which means you successfully completed learning subject topic from your tutor. Don’t forget to rate and review your tutor so that other students can know this tutor before they book.

If you are not satisfied with your learning session, you can update your status as “Claim admin intervention” and write details why you did this so that admin can take appropriate action.

Remember that, if you do not update status as “closed”, your tutor will not get his/her credit balance. So, it’s your utmost responsibility to change status at the very end of your live class session.

The whole picture look like the following:


Learn through 1-1 Live Class

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