How to buy prepaid package & increase net credits (You can Pay through Bkash or Rocket)

YapTutor is a prepaid learning platform. This means you need to have sufficient balance in your account to book and get lesson from a tutor. You can easily see your current balance below your account avatar or in dashboard.


For each tutor booking, your credits will be deducted by that tutor’s required fee. Say, you booked a tutor to teach you maths for 1 hour, and your tutor wants 100 credit (1 credit=1 taka) for that. So, when you book a tutor, the system will deduct 100 credits from your current balance and this amount of money will be kept in admin account until you finishes studying from that tutor. Once you successfully complete your study and you are satisfied with the lesson that you got from tutor and update booking session status as “Closed”, only then this 100 credit will be transferred to your tutor’s account. You can also appeal to admin to refund you if you are not satisfied with the tutor. So, your transaction and learning is 100% secured and guaranteed.

Video 1: How to recharge account with debit/credit/master card


Video 2: How to recharge account through Bkash/Rocket mobile banking


Ok, let’s learn how you can refill your balance. To do this, login to your account dashboard, click Recharge Account Balance > Buy Packages. Select any package, then select payment gateway, finally click “Buy Now” button.


Now you can pay with a lot of different ways. You can pay with DBBL nexus card, DBBL Visa Card, DBBL Master Card, Any Visa Card, Any Master Card, even by using your mobile banking- Rocket or Bkash. Choose any one from the options:

Say, let’s pay using Visa Card: Select the option and a new page will pop up. Type all the information correctly and finally click “Submit” button.

Once your payment is complete and successful, you will get the following notification message in your redirected success page.


But your net balance will not be increased instantly. Once admin verify your transaction, and updates payment from admin panel, then your updated balance will be shown below your avatar. We usually take 10-15 minutes to verify and update payment issues. 

Now let see how you can pay through your Rocket or Bkash wallet.

Let’s choose Bkash. You will see the following page: Follow the 9 step processes and click “Submit” button.

9 step processes:

step 1: Go to Your Bkash mobile menu by dialling *247#
step 2: Choose “Payment”
Step 3: Enter merchant account number: 01971272324
Step 4: Enter amount
Step 5: Enter reference: yaptutor
Step 6: Enter counter: 1
Step 7: Now enter your bkash pin
Step 8: You will receive a confirmation message with a transaction ID
Step 9: Enter your transaction ID and press “Submit”

At step 8, you will get Bkash success message where your transaction ID will be found.

Put this transaction ID in payment gateway portal and click “Submit”. You will be redirected to success page with notification.

Follow these 9 steps strictly and correctly. Do not make a single silly mistakes. If you are mistype TrxID or any other thing wrongly, your may get transaction failed message.


If you use Bkash Mobile App, follow this steps as shown in following images:

First open your bkash app, tap on “Make Payment”

Then enter merchant number: 01971272324

Then enter amount correctly,

Enter reference first “yaptutor”, then enter your bkash pin, finally tap and hold to pay.


You will get an sms from Bkash with transaction ID. Finally put this transaction ID into payment gateway portal and click “submit”

you will get this payment success notification in your dashboard. Wait 10-15 minutes until we approve and update your balance.

Be careful enough to follow these steps while using Bkash Mobile App. You may miss to type reference before typing your bkash pin.

If you do not type reference, rather just typing your pin, you completed your transaction, we will not get any payment success notification and thus we will not be able to update your account net balance. We are not going to take any responsibility if you failed to follow the processes correctly. 

For any support,  live chat with us or email at

Happy learning. Have a great day!

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