How to Set Up Tutor Profile

In this guide, you will be able to know step by step how to open your tutor/student/institute account.

We have 3 types of users in this online tutoring school: 1) student 2) Tutor 3) Institute.

To open your account First, click the link Login or Register on right side of the web portal.

Fill up the form on right side titled “Register With Tutors” and then click “Create An Account” button. Be careful to select the right category group for you. If you are a tutor, then select “Tutor” from drop down menu. If you are a student, then select “Student”.

Fill up all the required fields, then click “Create an Account” at bottom.

You will successfully enter into your account dashboard.

Now, at first click “Account” from left bottom area and click “Personal Information” and type all necessary information.
Next, click “Profile Information”, upload your profile image, fill all the required information.
Write an well attractive and professional profile description.
Students will first see this profile information and judge yourself about your skill and capability.
So, this part is highly important for you. 
Describe your experience, profile page title, qualification, experience duration etc and finally click “Save” button.
Next click “Experience” and fill up the form if you have any experience in your field.
If you need several pages to share your experience, then click “Add More” and put all your experiences in details.Next click “Contact Information” and update your contact.
Next expand “Manage” button and click “Courses”. Then click “Add Tutoring Courses”
This part is very important. You will create your own course that will be visible to your students. You will see a form like below: 
Select course that you will teach to your students from drop down box,
Then select “Duration Type” as “Hours”. There are 2 values in here: 1) Hours 2) Minutes. Then type a numeric value in “Duration Value” box, like 1.
Suppose, you selected “Hours” in “Duration Type” box, and type 1 in “Duration Value” box, So this means, you will teach that course for 1 hour. At the end of that 1 tutoring hour, your course will be finished and you will get paid for your tutoring session. 
Then type “Fee (in Taka)”, this is, what amount you will take to teach that course. 1 credit=1 Taka.
Then write details about your course content and others in “Content” box. Then type time slots. You can type multiple time slots.
We recommend to type multiple time slots so that you can teach maximum number of students in a day. Suppose, your time slots are 9:00-10:00, 15:00-17:00, 18:00-19:30, 20:00-21:30 etc. So, this means, a student can book you for the time 9:00-10:00 while another student can book you at another time.
If you are booked at a particular time by a student, another student cannot book you at that particular time. That’s why, we recommend you to type multiple time slots so that you can reach maximum number of students. Then type your “Days Off” and finally click “Save”. 
In this way, you can create as many courses as you wish and your students will be able to see all the details about each of your course. 
Now click “Locations”. This is the thing where you will see a huge number of places are listed there and you are required to check the preferred locations in which places student you want to teach online.
You can select multiple locations at the same time. Even you can select all the listed locations so that your chance is maximized to get a student from anywhere of the world.

Next click “Teaching Type” from left side sub-menu from “Manage” dropdown menu and check the box “Online Live” and click “Update” button.


Select  “Online Live” .


Next click “Certificate” and upload necessary certificates. This is mandatory. We will check and verify all certificates before approving your tutor profile. We recommend to upload all certificates that you have achieved, academic, non academic, special, social etc.


And the final and most important part of “Manage” menu is “Privacy”. You must not share your Personal Identifiable Information publicly.


Sharing PII- Personal Identifiable Information (mobile number, email, skype, Facebook ID or any other identification) is strictly prohibited.


Violation of this rule is immediate suspension of the account. So, you are supposed to obey this rule. The other parts are flexible.


Congratulations! Your account creation and profile set up is almost finished. We will talk the other parts of tutor dashboard in a different blog. Thank you.

Please feel free to let us know if you face any difficulty in creation your account.

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